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"New8": Eight broadcasters launch the biggest drama collaboration in Europe

Never before have so many public service broadcasters joined forces

Hans-Jørgen Osnes (NRK), Elly Vervloet (VRT), Dr. Simone Emmelius (ZDF), Anna Cronemann (SVT), und Moderator Jon Ola Sand beim Launch von New8 in Rom. Copyright: MIA 2023

A new collaboration, named New8, brings eight public service broadcasters from North-Western Europe together. The partners are ZDF (Germany), NPO (The Netherlands), VRT (Belgium), SVT (Sweden), DR (Denmark), YLE (Finland), RÚV (Iceland) and NRK (Norway). The collaboration was unveiled at MIA – Mercato Internazionale Audiovisivo 2023 (International Audiovisual Market) today. Simone Emmelius, SVP of International Fiction at ZDF, Anna Croneman, Head of Drama at SVT, Elly Vervloet, International Drama Expert at VRT and Hans-Jørgen Osnes, Head of International Financing Drama at NRK met with the press.

High-quality drama, built on public service values
“New8 is a unique achievement for European public service broadcasters and their audiences. New8 with the strong drama partners attached, will be the largest drama collaboration in Europe. It will be extremely exciting to see it come to life and evolve”, says Hans-Jørgen Osnes, Head of International Financing Drama at NRK.
“New8 will strengthen the public service broadcasters throughout Europe and give their audiences a unique access to bold, modern and innovative high-end drama from all the partners. With ZDF on board, NeW8 gains one of the most experienced international co-production partners for its network. Hopefully New8 will also unite the audience and strengthen bonds between Europeans”, says Simone Emmelius, SVP International Fiction ZDF.
The partners in the collaboration will co-produce eight TV series annually from 2023. A key aspect of the collaboration is ensuring broad distribution of each other's projects.
“By exchanging content that is built on the partners’ public service ambitions, we can strengthen our offer to our local audiences and create a bigger impact in the international media sector”, says Elly Vervloet, international drama expert at VRT. “We are proud that we have come to a great collaboration between eight very strong public broadcasters that use their creative talent and expertise for this mission. We cannot wait to launch our very first drama series in all these territories and see what comes to us the other way around.”

New8 is in many ways an expansion of an already existing trust-based Nordic collaboration. For years the Nordic public service broadcasters have exchanged their best dramas. Each broadcaster decides which of their series is the best and hence to be distributed by their Nordic neighbours.
Examples of great successes are ‘Exit’ and ‘The Thin Blue Line’ who have also had a huge audience outside of the Nordics.
Now other EBU broadcast members who are known for hit series in the past like «The Twelve» (VRT), ‘Red Light’ (NPO), ‘The Crash’ (NPO), ‘Kudamm 63’ and ‘The swarm’(ZDF co-produced) join the drama pool with releases from 2024.
“The Nordic public-service companies have a long history of successful collaborations and in these turbulent times we want to take this way of working to the next level. At SVT we are incredibly happy to join forces with such powerful partners as ZDF, VRT and NPO to be able to offer our audience even more high-end drama”, says Anna Croneman, Head of Drama at SVT.

Territories and timeline 
In the case of New8, the series selected will be published in the German speaking territories; Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, as well as in The Netherlands, Belgium (Flemish speaking), Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, and Norway. 
The partners have entered into an agreement that will initially last for three years. The first series will be greenlit in 2023 and available for publication in all participating territories from 2024.  

 Stronger together
“This is great news for fans of high-end drama series across Europe. In a time when there is increasing competition for the eyes and ears of European viewers, this feels like a logical step that we have to take as public broadcasters, especially when it comes to efficient use of public money. We are convinced the quality of European fiction will benefit from the exchange of knowledge and experience between all these partners”, says Frederieke Leeflang, chair of the board of NPO.
“We wish to strengthen the Nordic and European collaboration on creating, distributing and financing quality series. That is why we are very happy that we have succeeded in creating a local position in a market dominated by international streaming services”, says Henriette Marienlund, Head of fiction in DR.
“It's exciting to be involved in building a joint network in the production and publishing of high-quality drama series. New8 is an excellent example of extensive co-operation between public service companies offering their best content for the audience”, says Ville Vilén, director of Creative contents and media at YLE. “It is a great opportunity to join forces and collaborate with ZDF, NPO and VRT in addition to the proven collaboration with the Nordic public companies. For RUV it is essential to connect and work with such professionals on distributing and acquiring top quality drama series. We are convinced that the New8 projects will be well received in all territories”, says Birgir Sigfússon Head of media & production at RUV.

About MIA:
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